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NEW guaranteed 2-day ship program! It totally rocks!

We will ship all of your favorite products in 2 days guaranteed up to 2,500$ per day! All you have to do is pay a 10% premium and send us your order. See program details here.   (plus...)

Stop AC Wars in Office Buildings

New video about Airvector® PLAY, the only air diffuser that truly allows for full horizontal adjustment of the airflow.   (plus...)

AHR Expo 2014 - We'll be there!

Airvector® will be at the AHR Expo in New York, January 2014. We'll be waiting for you at our booth #7510 with new products and our usual smiles.  (plus...)

New Products - Commercial Round Diffusers

Airvector® is proud to announce the release of a new product, the DCG Aluminum Adjustable Round Diffuser.  (plus...)

NEX wins the New Products Contest at MCEE!

Thanks to all of you who visited us at MCEE. The show was a great success with the NEX diffuser winning the New Products Contest in the Heating Components Category.  (plus...)

New Products and Brochures

We are expanding our family of architectural diffusers by adding new models of AXO, NEX and PLAY.  (plus...)

Launching the ARCH

Some of you have already seen the product in recent tradeshows like AHR Expo. A short video presentation is also available on the Airvector® YouTube Channel. Market response to our new Architectural Sidewall Grille has been amazing. In addition to a polished look for architectural purposes, the ARCH grilles and registers are specially designed for easy inst  (plus...)

Thank you all for a great show!

We would like to thank all of you who visited our booth at AHR Expo in Dallas. We've had an amazing show thanks to you all and your excitement towards our product line.  (plus...)

Social Media Contests

New! Airvector® will be launching various contests very soon, most of which will happen on Social Medias. Follow us and Like us now for a chance to win!  (plus...)

Revolutionizing Air Distribution!

Airvector® is launching an exclusive line of specialty diffusers for the North American market. In addition to their appealing aspect, AXO, NEX and PLAY all offer high air induction ratios and unique performance that can greatly help increase occupants level of comfort in new and existing buildings.  (plus...)

New Product: FlexRight

Airvector® is glad to add a new great product to its offering. FlexRight is a radius forming brace designed to form flexible duct into highly efficient 90º elbows.  (plus...)

100% Social

Airvector® is now present and active on every major Social Network. Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, make sure to be the first informed about new products, promotions and contests.  (plus...)

Airvector Newsletter Now Available

Only get the news about Airvector® that interest you... and get them while they're hot! Subscribe Now!   (plus...)

New 2" Collar for Diffusers!

Thank you for visiting us in large number at the AHR Expo in Chicago. We were very excited about your feedback on our new 2" collar for diffusers. We are looking forward to announce our first production launch in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!   (plus...)

Thank you for visiting us at the AHR Expo in Chicago

It was a great pleasure seeing you all again and meeting some of you for the first time. We are already looking forward to the Dallas show in 2013.  (plus...)

New Spec Exclusive Line and Swirl Diffusers

Airvector® is introducing its new product line for Plan & Spec Reps with its first exclusive products, the DSW Swirl Diffuser Series.  (plus...)

Airvector® Cross-Reference Information Now Available Online

Airvector® has released both an interactive online tool and a document to help its customers cross-reference Airvector® products with other manufacturers.  (plus...)

New Products: Louvered Face Diffuser, Radial Damper and more!

Airvector® just added many new products to its line. Aluminum Louvered Face Directional Diffusers, Radial Sliding Blade Dampers, Square-to-Round Transitions and Tab Collars.  (plus...)

Atlanta Plant in Operation

Central and South Eastern States are now served from our new plant in Atlanta, GA. Highly increased capacity and shorter transit times will bring service to a new level!  (plus...)

The Perforated Face Returns Family is Growing

Airvector® added two new products to its offering: the perforated face only (PRN) and perforated face with metal back and square opening (PRT).  (plus...)

Airvector® Diffusers Redesigned

Airvector® has re-designed its line of step down and architectural plaque diffusers, resulting in new models, improved quality and better features.  (plus...)

New Products: REAL and REAL7

A new line of Residential Architectural Linear Bar Grilles & Registers is now available. Ideal for floor applications, the REAL slick design and finish is a real upgrade to standard floor registers.  (plus...)

Online Order Tracking Now Available

Customers can now log into our private section to follow up with their orders in real time.  (plus...)

New Private Section For Airvector® Customers

Airvector®'s website has a new section available for its customers, featuring convenient tools and downloads:

  • Download the latest release of Airvector® Ordering.
  • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our pricing software.
  • Download and print the most recent version of our price list.

New Product: ERM

Now available from Airvector®, a ceiling return with eggcrate face and metal back with round collar. Save on time and money by using ERM rather than a ERT with square-to-round transition.  (plus...)

Premium Services Now Available!

Premium Services are now available at Airvector®! Need a standard product ASAP? We will manufacture your order and expedite it within 3 or 5 working days. Please see the Premium Services section for more details.   (plus...)

New Plaster Frame Design

The new exclusive and patent pending design for Airvector®'s Plaster Frame (PF) makes installation much easier and incredibly faster than other similar products on the market.  (plus...)

New R4 Soft Insulation Available On Diffusers

Airvector® 3 Cone, 4 Cone and Plaque diffusers are now available with R4 soft insulation. Our efficient design allows us provide you with a product offering higher insulation at better price than the competition.  (plus...)

Automatic Pricing Software Available

The new automatic pricing and ordering software called Airvector Ordering is now available. You can use this tool to make a quick quote with various product dimensions and options or to send your order by email and save paper.  (plus...)