History Of Airvector®

ALFA MEGA INC. has been incorporated in 1996, acquiring the AIRVECTOR® air distribution division from THERMOLEC LTD. who originally purchased the Canadian assets of one of the leading companies in air distribution line back in 1987. The products were then made with that line's specifications and were marketed under the AIRVECTOR® brand. Some of the most prestigious buildings in North America are proudly equipped with AIRVECTOR® air distribution products.

The founder's vision was to provide the HVAC market with high quality grilles, registers and diffusers at very competitive prices, with shorter lead times than competition.

This vision was ambitious but the founder (Camille Adib, actual President), an engineer involved in HVAC since 1965, was not at his first experience. In 1972 he had started and developed a company now considered a leader in the field of electric heaters for HVAC. The vision was to be supported by an extraordinary concentration of technical and engineering talent focused on fewer products, the team being nurtured by an inspiring service-oriented corporate culture. The product line has been improving constantly since, adding new products one by one and carefully reviewing each design to optimize performance, quality and cost.