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Airvector® Diffusers Redesigned

Airvector® has re-designed its line of step down and architectural plaque diffusers, resulting in new models, improved quality and better features.

3 Cone (DF3), 4 Cone (DF4) and Plaque (ISO) diffusers are now only available with removable core. The new hard plastic locking device is very easy to use and eliminate any scratch/rust and possible noise.

All models now also have stronger brackets for a perfect and durable alignment of the cones.

The damper adjustment button is designed to twist off and on, eliminating possible scratch/rust trying to pry off.

Earthquake tabs are now incorporated by default. They can be easily pushed out and provide a larger hole to make installers job easier.

For more detailed information, see our Diffusers Improvements Sheet.

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