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Revolutionizing Air Distribution!

AirvectorŽ is launching a new, exclusive line of specialty diffusers for the North American Plan & Spec market.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Madel - a renowned European HVAC manufacturer - and adapted their products to the North American Market.

Three families of revolutionary diffusers are now available in Canada and the United States: the AXO, NEX and PLAY Series. In addition to their appealing aspect, all three series feature high air induction ratios and unique performance that can greatly help increase occupants' level of comfort in new and existing buildings, while offering potential for energy savings.

AXO, NEX and PLAY square and round faces are available with BOXSTAR and PLOC plenums that help evening the air flow before diffusing the air, even when dealing with limited space in the ceiling.

All products are available now.

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